Communications cloud is one of the oldest Industries CPQ designs that found its way to Appexchange way back to the inception of Vlocity as an ISV partner. over the years, it has grown exponentially and diversified into considerable areas which TMforum supports for a telco industry. with such a powerful tool that provides a framework for New Order and MACD journeys across managing the product catalogues, building a strong price-quote engine, order management and maintaining a systematic contract lifecycle you can make your sales journeys a lot simpler, faster, adaptable and efficient.


A ready framework

With communications cloud in B2B / B2C Lines of businesses, the service providers can build their sales/service journeys quicker and faster.

Customer 360

Now clubbed with AI you can provide a unified overview to the customer for its data and corresponding quick action.

Inherent experience for partners & customers

Seamlessly integrate with the experience cloud to provide a breezy self service tool.

Why Choose Intellicloud Solutions

A range of professional services to constantly build and upgrade your sales/service platform.

1-on-1 Advisory (Architecture as a service)

With our experienced architects you would be able to arrive at a state in art architecture for your sales/service clouds.

minimized tech debts
Minimized tech debts

With our well architected solutions, the implementations will be simplified, easy to maintain and futuristic.

Realize your vision with certainty

The roadmap we draw together as partners to be followed and pursued effectively.

B2B implementation live use case for a Telco Major

A telco giant working on their transformation journey has chosen salesforce communications cloud. out of various business units(BU) operating in parallel, one of the BU’s is currently using a manual process for managing their unified communications product. their Salesforce team is facing challenges such as Large turnaround time , no single source of data , large amount of data entry by the sales agents.

With Intellicloud, the Solution provided included a CPQ journey built using communications cloud & omnistudio elements with a futuristic architecture to support multiple Business units and their customary needs.

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