Sales cloud is a powerful tool that helps the organizations manage their sales funnel effectively and efficiently. with the help of a variant data model, you can track your leads, opportunities, do sales forecasting further leading to amazing views with Sales reports and dashboards.


Kanban views

Helpful Kanban views to update the lead/opportunity/contract status with just a click.

Sales teams

Opportunities and account teams for faster collaboration and closure of the deals.

Sales reports and dashboards

Out of the box capabilities to provide useful insights to the sales Managers for greater visibility and control.

Why Choose Intellicloud Solutions

Highly skilled and certified professionals in Sales cloud to fast track your implementation lifecycle.

Faster GTM

Faster go to market solutions with experienced team.

Minimized tech debts

We provide simplified sales cloud implementations, making it easy to maintain.

Scalable solution

We provide futuristic and scalable solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

Highly skilled experts are crucial to your success

A Security Services client troubled with multiple lead sources leading to opportunities leakage and lack of integrations with external applications. Intellicloud provided a scalable solution resulting in improved lead nurturing, integrated system for one stop for funnel management.

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