The Salesforce Estimator is a robust software tool designed to assist individuals in generating comprehensive bottom-up estimates for various Salesforce components, including Omnistudio and Communications Cloud. It provides a holistic view of project efforts, spanning from the initial planning phase to the final deployment stage. This tool empowers users to gain a thorough understanding of their projects, enabling them to make informed decisions about project schedules and resource allocation.

The Salesforce Estimator also plays a crucial role in delivering project estimates across all Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases, catering to projects from diverse industries. It simplifies the process for both IT and client teams, offering a quick and effortless way to assess project effort with just a few clicks.

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It's a native Salesforce application, so there's no need to delay. Make the most of it now. To explore Estimator simply scroll down for the installation link!


Flexible Estimations

Customizable interface for estimating components based efforts. Efficient bulk upload functionality for estimating multiple Salesforce and SFI components. User-friendly design with version control for managing iterative and incremental changes.

Diversified Utility

Leverage estimation capabilities for pre-sales, project planning, and change request management.

Generate Estimations

Efficiently calculate your resource and time estimates using a bottom-up estimation approach.

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Salesforce estimator - To explore further

Salesforce Estimator helps the user create the Bottoms up Estimation for Salesforce, Omnistudio and Communications cloud components. Get a 360 view of efforts for your projects from Plan to Deploy phases to help determine the timeline & resource plan.

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