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IntelliConfig Lite -
Fire up your Product config with AI

  • a Our bolt solution integrates AI capabilities, revolutionizing product configuration.
  • a Embracing this solution promises a streamlined approach to product creation.
  • a It offers enhanced efficiency and provides a competitive edge in the market.

Industries CPQ (Vlocity/ Communications Cloud)

  • a Our unique expertise in Salesforce Industries niche skills combined with domain consulting and product modeling offers a value proposition to clients in the Communications, Health, and Energy-Utilities sectors.
  • a We possess unparalleled expertise in developing and implementing Industry CPQ solutions tailored to specific sectors.

Salesforce estimator - To explore further

Salesforce Estimator helps the user create the Bottoms up Estimation for Salesforce, Omnistudio and Communications cloud components. Get a 360 view of efforts for your projects from Plan to Deploy phases to help determine the timeline & resource plan.

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