Learning Objectives :

After reading this blog you’ll be able to:

  1. Explore how the Omnistudio for Vlocity products works.
  2. Omnistudio for Vlocity Architecture:
  3. Simple example for Industry Data Model
  4. Difference between Omnistudio and Omnistudio for Vlocity Products


The industries we serve face enormous obstacles in growth and competitiveness. Companies frequently use custom coding, which can be costly, risky, and take months or years to complete, to better serve their customers. Additionally, delays in custom projects might occur when company procedures change. The standard data model was used in the development of various OmniStudio for Vlocity products. The products use standard objects in place of custom ones. Some features that are present in some OmniStudio for Vlocity products aren't present in the OmniStudio version of the same products.


An OmniScript provides quick, personalized, and consistent responses as it guides users through complicated processes.

Vlocity Cards Framework now Flexcards

Create your cards in a declarative design tool and add them to your Lightning or Community pages.


DataRaptor moves data into and out of Salesforce applications and is commonly referred to as an Extract, Transform, and Load application. DataRaptors enable you to read and write data to and from your Salesforce org.

Integration Procedure

Integration Procedures can interact with many types of data, including REST APIs and Apex classes, and process it in multiple steps. Integration Procedures usually call one or more DataRaptors and are more flexible and powerful.

Calculation Procedures and Matrices

OmniStudio Integration Procedures have actions that are called Expression Sets and Decision Matrices, which are similar to the Calculation Procedures and Matrices in OmniStudio for Vlocity. If your org has an Industries package with OmniStudio licenses, you can enable access to Calculation Procedures and Matrices in addition to Expression Sets and Decision Matrices.

Omnistudio for Vlocity Architecture:

Omnistudio is a low-code development platform provided by Salesforce. It allows developers and business users to build custom applications and solutions on top of the Salesforce platform using a visual development approach.

Omnistudio for Vlocity is to enhance industry-specific functionality within the Salesforce platform. Vlocity provides industry cloud solutions that are tailored for various sectors, such as telecommunications, insurance, health, and government. Vlocity architecture refers to the design and underlying framework of Vlocity's industry cloud applications.

Salesforce Industries provides industry-specific data models, built on top of the Salesforce object model, for each of the industries served by each cloud.This Industry Data Model makes Vlocity unique from Omnistudio.

Simple example for Industry Data Model:

The above example is an Vlocity Health data model which is a conceptual framework used in the health industry to organize and structure data related to Individual,Medicare and Group Customer.

Some key components that might be included in such a data model:

  • ContractLineItem:

The "ContractLineItem" custom object represents individual line items within a contract or policy. In the context of healthcare, a contract can be an insurance policy or an agreement between a customer (individual or group) and an insurance provider. Each contract can have multiple line items, where each line item represents a specific benefit, coverage, or service provided to the customer.

  • GroupClass:

The "GroupClass" custom object represents different classes or categories of group customers. In the healthcare industry, insurance providers often group customers based on certain criteria, such as the type of organization they belong to, their size, or specific benefits they are eligible for.

  • GroupCensusMember:

The "GroupCensusMember" custom object represents individual members within a group, customer or organization. A group customer typically consists of multiple members who are covered under the same insurance policy or benefits plan. This object helps track information about each member. 

  • GroupCensusMemberPlan:

The "GroupCensusMemberPlan" custom object links the "GroupCensusMember" object with the specific "ContractLineItem" that each member is enrolled in. This object helps to manage the association between group members and their individual insurance plans or benefits.

Difference between OmniStudio and OmniStudio for Vlocity Products

To sum it up:

OmniStudio for Vlocity yields major advantages: improved industry-specific features, streamlined development, faster time-to-market, and enhanced customer experiences.

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