"Enabling women to learn from accomplished entrepreneurs and leaders for valuable insights and guidance" was the theme of the event that was held online. 

Speaker Bio: 

Pallavi Agarwal founder of Kander, a woman, and immigrant-founded Salesforce boutique consulting firm. She believes that it’s about the business process and understanding the "why" of the user experience and customers to really drive the business outcomes for clients. She has over 15 years of management consulting experience. She is also passionate about mentoring women in the community for personal and career growth, is the winner of the prestigious Salesforce Golden Hoodie Award for her customer and community impact, and co-leads the DC Admin Salesforce group.

Manika Goyal founder of Intellicloud Solutions, a consultancy focused on Salesforce Industries, SFMC, and other Salesforce products. She is a Salesforce Industries Architect with over 19 years of industry experience. Manika has extensive expertise in Industries CPQ solutions. She comes with 5+ years of experience in PreSales & Technical SF Estimations. She has been working on Salesforce for over 12 years and Industry CPQ for the past 5 years. She leverages her expertise in Salesforce technologies and the power of innovation to help organizations leverage technology to reach their maximum potential.

Further Insights into the session:

1.Why empowering women to return back to work is important? 2.50

Pallavi stated that revitalizing women's participation in the workforce is pivotal, nurturing equality and leveraging diverse viewpoints for innovation. Reconnecting with skilled women who paused enriches our talent pool, fueling economic growth and shattering stereotypes. 

“YOU CAN DO IT, YOU’VE BEEN DOING IT” ended the question with this statement.

2. How do you think salesforce helps as a technology for women to return to workforce? 5:45

Pallavi stated that Salesforce offers complimentary educational resources, catering to individuals from novice to advanced proficiency levels, even without prior technical expertise. 

The distinctive feature of Trailhead is its Trailblazer community.

3.How do you mentor and guide women to become highly skilled Business Analyst?8:45

According to Pallavi Women, in particular, excel in critical thinking, showcasing a natural inclination for curiosity-driven learning.

 Being a successful BA entails adept detective skills, an area where women inherently shine. 

4.  Recommended steps for women who want to come back after a long  career gap?11:11

Consider your household management and family responsibilities as valuable experience. Don't assume that lacking technical expertise means having an empty resume.

5.Why do you think it is important for the organization to support the re-entry of women?14:47

Pallavi Quotes

  • Scarcity of skilled professionals amidst numerous available positions. 
  • It's crucial to underscore the fact that these women returning to work bring valuable expertise despite career gaps caused by industry fluctuations.

6.  What are some common misconceptions or biases that women returning to work as highly skilled analysts may face, and how can organizations better support them in this transition? 16:41

Pallavi explained giving the example of a mother. Achieving equilibrium between these aspects not only propels the individual's work journey but also steers the organization toward success.

7. How can organizations better facilitate the establishment of effective networking and support groups specifically tailored for women in the BA field?19:17

  • Support groups often seek mentors who can offer guidance and insights. 
  • The essence lies in effectively locating and harnessing the right assistance when it's most beneficial.

8. What distinctive qualities do women bring to an organization?21:24

Effective communication stands as a crucial asset in the role of a Business Analyst

9.What do you envision as the future trends and challenges in empowering women and driving their return to work?25:00

Coming to the workforce would be the easiest job after motherhood…stated by Pallavi.

10. Memorable success stories shared of women you have worked with and what contributed to their success?28:45

 Pallavi quoted "Fostering Self-Assurance: Empowering Women to Embrace their Skills and Potential"


  • Figure out the work that is for you
  • Workforce is easy
  • Enjoy your work
  • Don’t be scared


"Discover a seamless reentry into the IT field with our 'Intelli-Moms Program. and excel on your journey to reignite your career."

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