Learn Objectives:

After reading this blog you’ll be able to understand:

  1. What is an Education Cloud?
  2. Education Data Architecture {EDA}
  3. Tools and Benefits
  4. Why Education Cloud

What is Education Cloud?

Education Cloud is the Salesforce suite of purpose-built products for educational institutions. It connects insights across recruitment and admissions, student experience, advancement, and marketing on an integrated platform for a unified view of every constituent.

Education Data Architecture {EDA}

Students can connect with teachers, future employers, tutors, and other students through EDA. EDA is a ready-made data model created specifically for the education industry. The EDA helps institutes connect each student account to an administrator account and displays a detailed record of any student addresses, relationships, and affiliations. Thanks to its objects and object relationships.

Tools and Benefits

Why Education Cloud?

                   Education cloud offers scalable and accessible learning resources, fostering personalized education. It enables remote access to courses, collaboration tools, and data storage, enhancing flexibility and inclusivity. Through seamless integration of technologies, it cultivates digital literacy and prepares learners for evolving workplaces, promoting lifelong learning.


  • Recruitment and Admissions
  • Student Success

Empowers institutions to provide holistic support, tracking progress, intervening effectively, and assessing results, ensuring equitable assistance and fostering connections for students to thrive academically.

  • Admission

The Education Cloud is a revolutionary platform that brings seamless and efficient admission processes to educational institutions worldwide. The Education Cloud aims to simplify and streamline the entire admission process, from application submission to enrollment, fostering a smoother transition for both students and institutions alike.

  • 360 degree view

The 360-Degree View refers to a comprehensive and holistic approach to managing student data and information within a centralized cloud-based platform.

The education cloud revolutionizes learning with enhanced access, adaptability, collaboration, and cost-efficiency. It enables personalized education and resource optimization.

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