Forceark Academy held its Industry Connect with Dwijattam Mukherjee (DM). He gives an insight into the benefits of working in Salesforce. He explains the challenges faced while dealing with customers and gives his take on the bright future of Salesforce.

DM has been in the Industry for about 23 years now & has spent around 18 yrs in Salesforce.  Salesforce was a small organization back then which focused on Sales that catered time to small customers. Since then DM has been leading various Salesforce delivery projects and has been dealing with clients across the globe. Thus he has seen the Salesforce ecosystem grow and contributed immensely.

Insights into the session

In this session, various questions were covered. They are the following:

  1. What is the importance of holding a SF Certificate?    (42:40

When DM was asked about the importance of holding a certificate from Salesforce, he says that holding a certificate from Salesforce is having credentials under their name. It assures customers that they are dealing with the right person.

  1. How is Salesforce As A Low-Code Or No-Code Platform?  (14:38) 

From DM’s point of view, with the change in the industry during/ after Covid, it is important to know how a customer can solve a business problem using the basics of Salesforce rather than knowing the complicated code.

  1. What are the different roles in the ecosystem?  (35:22 )

DM very aptly summarized the key and high-in-demand roles available in today’s time and explained the basic differences in those roles.

4. What are the challenges seen from the customer end? (17:44)

He says that there are only two ways in which customer faces challenges.

  1.  The old customers know in depth about the platform but find it hard to connect the dots
  1. It is hard to match the expectations of the new customers.   
  1. Role Of A Developer Vs ChatGPT  (30:32

DM thinks that AI can only fix minor problems that come into the picture. It can write code when instructed. But only Developers can take the functional decisions. Only developers can advise customers about the problems.

6.What should be the focus areas while being on the CTA path?  (24:08)

  1. Mapping the ecosystem to the business requirements
  2. CTA should know the optimal way of putting together a solution.
  1. What are the clouds to focus on for a healthy career path?   (40:10)

DM says that it is important to understand the platform first as it is the foundation. After the understanding and learning of the standard cloud can be done. Then there are two paths, one is going deep into the Salesforce industry other is taking up a specific technology like Einstien, FSL, etc.

  1. What are the steps that can be taken to be a successful developer?  (45:10)

He answered this question by saying that it is important to know the trend of the market. In today's time, rapid changes are occurring. The developer community has to be on their toes to keep up with the changes. This is the way they can keep growing and gain success.

  1. What is the impact Of Cloud Computing And Salesforce On The Developer Community? (9:56

        DM answers this question by saying that Cloud is the hottest skill in the market right now. This enterprise suit is in high demand. Salesforce is one of the most niche areas an upcoming developer can commit to, investing his/her time for a very successful career!


DM ends by saying that the people who have decided to join the cloud bandwagon specifically

Salesforce has made the right choice. If they keep heading down their career, they will reap their fruits. Salesforce is changing very rapidly and of the most important things is one keeps up with the changes that are obsessions because if one stops at one point in time and it is said that right now I know everything that I need to know, the very next morning one will find that they are already obsolete. So keep learning and keep updating yourself.

He says a person can get a successful career with a simple mantra - ‘Do what you love and love what you do!’


The following mind map is the summary of the whole session.

Refer to the link to see the whole video

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